Friday, March 22, 2013

City of Solitude

In the future, love is not lost.

Years after the final war had begun, long after the lights of the high rises had gone dark, when squadrons of biped and quadruped tanks roamed the earth in search for pockets of resistance, in an ancient citadel upon a scared and weather worn dais snuggled in a wooden throne sat a pillar of salt in the form of a young lady.

In the centre of the hall there stood another pillar of salt, though it was not wholly upright. The form of a young lad knelt before the princess' throne. Beside the boy there lay a lion, who also was naught but salt, though by some ancient markings one could tell that is was once jet black.

Outside a kingdom of tall grass fields bent and furrowed in the wind. The dreams of those who had walked the city long ago lay frozen in tombs scattered here and there amidst the blades of green and brown. When the most ancient of magic had fallen from the skies those who had lived in the land had been caught at unawares. Most of the citizens had been instantly petrified, of which only a few remained for most of them had eroded away in the wind and the rain.

Swimming ever so subtlety throughout time amidst the grass and pillars of salt was a most foul creature. Its body was very long and slimy much like that of a snake, though it was covered in thick impenetrable scales and with each breath tiny bouts of smoke left its nostrils.

The wingless vermilion oil red and dark spring green dragon had made a conscious point of avoiding the obsidian stained salt lion, even though the salt boy's heart would have made a most delicious meal.

The same went for the princess, her unbeating heart would be a tasty morsel for the demon that lurked behind the desolate city walls, though she sat safe behind the doors of the citadel.   The abandoned and forlorn palace grounds were no place for the living, even the wingless one detested the prison it could never leave. Even if it could, there was nowhere to go...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

World's Over Journal XXX Strange Tale

     The guard knocked upon the portal as we finished breakfast, sure enough he had seen our shinnanigans and had the courtesy to give us a few extra minutes to wash up and prepare a morning meal.

He was a very polite young warrior, we could tell at once that he was not as seasoned as Toki. His brown laquired plate armour bore no signs of war and his pale olive skin's was covered in naught but fiery pink markings, there were no scars. He even looked young, at least beside Toki when she received him at the door, he didn't even have a broken tusk, of which he had six, one in each corner of his mouth and two extra on the bottum that jutted out nearly to his brow where his blood orange hair lay mostly hidden under his brown laquired helm.

Toki and the young guard stood in the doorway taking for a few moments before Toki rejoined us for breakfast, along with our new guest.  He had pleasant manners and was a bit shy, if you could call it that, for he had never seen, much less interacted, with a human before and here he was sitting with two very preculiar persons.

As we sat eating in the back of the house in the kitchen round table upon a singular stone bench carved out of the mountain side there was much discussion about the days events. The young guard, whose name was Menki, told them that several undead warriors had made up camp in the vale. They had come armed to the teeth but had set up in the centre of the meadow, in plain view.

Kensori had approached only when, after several hours, the leader of the troop had come forth and sat down upon his knees before the fountain. The warrior carried only a longsword and short dagger beside it. He was dressed much like what we would have known as a samurai. Which means of course that his swords were a Diasho, Katana and lesser blade a Wakazashi.

About his gaunt skeletal haunting face was a mask, which made his face look more like a demon than undead. The faceplate hung down from his helmet, black stained grey laquered plates also hung down from the helm so that the warrior's head was entirely invisible. The mask itself was hideous, a twisted face with fangs that rolled back inside the eye sockets and came back out the the nose. Utter impenetrable darkness lay about the eye sockets, making any onlooker ponder if the warrior had eyes at all.

The rest of his armour was quite plan, black laqured plates down to his wrists embroidered in a once emerald green tunic. The same went for his kilt or hakama which just past his knees, his shin guards too were the same plates.

There in the middle of the glade before the fountain he sat until Kensori ventured forth alone, naught but his spear in hand and short blade hanging upside down from his left shoulder at his back. Kensori had come back to the other guards shortly and sent Menki to bring the visitors to the gates.

In earnest anticipation of,
             Without Charles

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Charles Gardens of Trouble...

      I stepped through the shoji screen door and out into the garden, leaving Allyndran to prepare for the counsel meeting, alone with her thoughts. I found myself under the shadow of the labyrinth canopy once again, though the trees here that mingled with the manzenita were not Red Wood but various trees that bore fruit and berries. Even the shrubbery was a vast mix of vegetable, root and herb plants.

Beyond the three foot high stone wall of Allyndran's garden a cobble stone path lead around another much larger garden in the town's centre, it too was enclosed by a stone wall.I was standing at the far North Eastern corner, to my left the path travelled further east still, down a small hill and out from under the labyrinth, where I could just make out two wind mills with an open workshop at each base, a blacksmith and a artisan smithery. Beyond the slowly churning hands of the wind mills lay the bogs of the swamp that encompassed the entire village, which now I had to admit, was much larger than I imagined it from my first glance in the mist.

Beams of light swam down through the branches and shadows to mingle themselves about the ground here and there. The garden's canopy reached out and entangled itself with that of Allyndran's house, for beside me also stood a three foot round Manzanita tree. Indeed the whole village seemed to be shrouded in a guise of shadow where only here and there light found its way through. It seemed as it the place was guised in a permanent twilight, it was indeed beautiful.

Near the far end of the town square I saw Edgarory and a mouse, who could only be Freya with her red pointy had nestled firmly upon her brow, walking slowly out of view, down out of view along a path, that I assumed would lead them to the two mills. So I made my way out of Allyndran's garden and down the path to meet them.

I found them sitting upon the pathway wall at the bottom of the hill in front of the second mill, the artisan's shop. They seemed to be resting comfortably, waiting for me. 'My daughter is waiting for you inside,' Freya said with a smile that spoke volumes of how pleased she was with something, as I drew near. I assumed it to be a dubious plan of fun at my expense, 'but best to wait another minute or two before you go inside,' finishing she set her hands in her lap and twiddled her thumbs.

Edgarory made not even a peep as I sat down beside him, Freya in between the two of us. 'I expect you'll let me know when I should head inside,' I asked of Freya, but the question was directed at both of them.

'No, you'll just know,' answered Edgarory, a smile forming at the edge of his lips. As he finished Freya flashed him a quick glare, with her blue and green eyes sparkling with light. Something was about to happen that I hadn't entirely expected.

In all hopes of returning,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

World's Over Journal XXIX A Tide of Mirth

        The next morning I woke refreshed for I had slept deeply after Toki's words. In fact sleep had stolen me into dreams of our farmstead, you and I walking side by side with Priscilla running before us. I rolled slightly in order to sit up, sadly I found my left shoulder wet by the dribble I had drooled during my dreams.

Slowly I got up and walked out onto the upper balcony where a small stone basin stood, it was full of water that awaited my hands and face; though today I would also be washing my left arm entirely along with the shoulder. Before I had finished washing up before breakfast, Priscilla meandered sleepily out onto the balcony beside me. For several moments she merely stood there, her gaze held by the beauty of the garden upon the terrace below or possibly she had fallen back asleep, her arms resting upon the stone brick railing.

I saw a guard from the front gate strolling along the path through the gardens towards the house and knew our day was about to start. So I took it upon myself to wake Priscilla in my own fashion.

'Hey, what's the deal,' Priscilla said angrily, though she was more astonished than upset. She was covered in water, the continents of the basin had drenched the entire right side of her body. I merely stood there with a smile on my face, though I was trying to look dumb and innocent. I shrugged and started to make my way down stairs.

'You'll pay for that,' Priscilla called after me as I made the staircase, though I did not stop, but I did wince when I heard Toki scream. Priscilla had unleashed her mirthy rage upon Toki, who had just walked out unto the balcony from her bedroom.

        'Child I can't...Mumble mumble, believe... You just...Wait till.... My hands... On you!' I heard from down stairs along with a great deal of running around.

'You're kinda slow for a warrior,' I heard Priscilla taunt, 'maybe you should take a step back and just be a gate gaurd.' With that I heard a light yelp, four great foot steps and then a splash. Toki had thrown Priscilla off the balcony out into the garden, where she landed in a pond.

Moments later she walked straight in through the front door, right into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around me from behind in a kind of child's bear hug. peering over my shoulder I saw her face beaming up at mine... Covered in mud. I smiled back and took her hand, leading her back upstairs where all three of us washed ourselves off in the large basin where clothes and baths were taken. As I was preparing the water I noticed that Priscilla had disappeared. Not long after Toki trudged into the room, rank with mud, she did not look impressed. But once the water was drawn and the three of us had grown accustom to the warmth of the bath we were all naught but smiles.

Alas, soon our day will begin and it's going to be a long one.

In earnest anticipation of,
             Without Charles

Monday, March 4, 2013

Short Story in the Lands of World's Over

The Samurai Witch stood over the defeated Warrior who knelt at her feet. Their duel hadn't been long, it had only taken two quick flashes of the Witch's elegant katana to disarm the Warrior of his brutish double edged long sword.

Kneeling there before her, his head bowed low, chin upon chest, the warrior seemed utterly defeated and resigned to death. The Witch brought her katana to his belly and from right to left she began to open it with her blade.

When she reached the centre, she turned her blade up and began to slice open his chest cavity. With the swiftness of lightning the Warrior brought his hands to the Witch's blade and clasped it in his palms. With all his might he leaned forward and pushed the katana up into the Witches chest, nearly splitting her face in two in doing so.

Both the Witch and the Warrior would certainly die this day. Though only one would come back to wonder the lands of the living.

A dream riddle from the mind,
From Priscilla