Monday, January 30, 2012

Charles & Edgarory Dinner with a Demon

     Allyndran, who was standing with her back to us over a hearth, upon which sat two boiling pots and a simmering pan which I could see vegetables upon. Upon first glance it struck me that Edgarory must have a different use of the word kin than I did, for she looked nothing like him, apart from being red.

The kitchen in which she was cooking was at the far end of the house, down a hall along which had several doors on either side. A faint light, as from a single candle, shown from each one of the rooms through the screens. All the walls were like the doors, merely thin white sliding screens. The frame was built of eight large beams of red Arbutus or giant Manzanita timber, four were pillars used to hold up the four beams upon which sat the roof of black shingles. The house was indeed a work of art much like the rest of the village.

Beside the hearth where Allyndran was cooking over a sliding door was open and I could see out into a garden as the twilight sun shafts faded with the end of the work day in the village. Beyond the garden's farthest gate was lane of black and grey cobble stone, though this one was larger than the one I had come into the town upon, perhaps it was the main road? Along the lane went a steady numbers elves and a their kin, as Edgarory called them, they were coming up from the lower terrace where the blacksmith and other shops were.

My attention came back into the house as Allyndran addressed Edgarory over  her shoulder. 'You're both just in time, Edgar please set the table with the dishes on the counter there,' her voice was fair, almost young though she was immortal, cheerful and modest of tone, yet she had spoken with an enchanting authority. She had short auburn hair which didn't even fall below her ears, I couldn't make out her face in the firelight as it shown off her neck and arms. She wore a black tunic and a long thick kilt, much like the hakama some of the other villagers wore. Edgarory entered the kitchen picked up the chop sticks and plates which were upon the counter next to the hearth and disappeared out of sight into the next room.

As soon as Edgarory had left Allyndran turned to address me, though what exactly she said was lost to my ears for I was spell bound by what stood before me, for surely she was no elf, but an obsidian demon, whose skin flashed with shades of deep eggplant purple; why hadn't I noticed her form before, had I been blind, truly under some spell or had her features been hidden by the red hearth. What I had originally thought to be ears protruding high above her head upon second glance I could now see were horns. While her ears rose about four inches above her head her horns rose another four, they began their accent not from her forehead, but just in front of her ears upon the top of her head. They were sleek and rose at a slight angle leaning out just as her ears. Her face was beautiful, eternally young, cheerful and wise, she looked much like an elf, fair and noble. Her face was thin, much like her slender body though not overly so, which made her high cheek bones all the more a dominant feature, she had thin pouty lips set magnificently underneath the most radiant eyes I had ever seen. They were not so unlike a human eye save that they no true pupil. The iris was no single shade of at a time, they changed from various shades of grey to almost white as the light reflected upon them.

I was woken out of the spell of Allyndran's mesmerizing beauty of her voice, 'It is your first time seeing a demon,' she asked. Looking down in shame  I noticed her tail then, which hung loosely up against her Hakama pants, which looked much like a long dress, but was more like a kilt, yet they were pants. As my eyes followed down to the end of her tail I noticed that her calves were like those of a ram and her feet were black cloven hooves.

'Yes, mam,' I said shyly for I could not recall how long I had been staring at her, 'though I would not call you a demon.' Though I had said that at the time, she was surely a demon, as men of old called them. She was red, had a tail, the legs of a ram, horns, long ears, fangs hidden behind her lips only half seen as she spoke. I realized then, that all the knowledge of the immortals I once held from the days I could not longer remember must fade away, perception was key and mine was jaded by a time out of mind.

In all hopes of returning,
                                Charles with Edgarory

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

World's Over Journal XXIV Toki

Our long trek through the forest ended at the bottom of the broad stone steps which lead up to the citadel gates, there we stopped for a drink of water at the most majestic carved stone and bronze pool of water, this well, if you could call it that for there was no guess as to where the water came from, seeing how it was a rather shallow pool. In the center was a very large statue of a troll on a pedestal of iron and bronze, though I could not tell what the statue was made of. The silent troll whom stood there looked not unlike Toki, a warrior, surely he was not a king for he wore no jewelry to indicate status nor did a crown adorn his head. Now that it came to me, I could not recollect if the statue had been in the centre of the staircase when we walked up, it may have been availed by an enchantment of invisibility, for any such magical thing I deemed to be accessible on this new age of earth.

The troll was only slightly taller and thicker of muscle than Toki, he wore no shoes about his double hinged pale white, cat like feet. He wore no pants or tunic to cover up the multitude of scares which he seemed to wear with a great amount of pride, only about his waist did he wear a type grey of kilt, though it was longer than those the Scott's once wore, for it hung below his knees, to his double hinged mid calf. His right hand was upon a dagger's hilt still sheathed which was stuffed into the top of his kilt, his left hand had a firm grasp on a great javelin, much like a spear save that the one held by the troll was obviously only meant to be launched at an enemy at a distance, not to be thrust or held overly long when an attacker was closing in. The blade was thin, long and there were two of them fused together to make a cross, it reminded me of an arrow, and not a spear at all. The shaft was short, only half as tall as the troll holding it, at the bottom end of the javelin were four feathers which were all the same, from the tip they were black which faded into brown, then orange and finally white. His upper body was defined by thick muscles and many scars, many tusks protruded out from his closed mouth. Two large tusks which were the size my index finger, sped up from his lower jaw up towards his defined cheek bones, three smaller ones just inside of the twins protruded as well, though they were but half or less as in size, the upper tusks set in the upper jaw were the same size as these. His eyes were enthralling, just as Toki's were, the iris was orange or yellow, I could not tell though maybe it was both at once, the pupil was slit like a cats, though with a closer glance the iris' were dotted with small black dots. His hair was long, though it was pulled back in one great braid that hung half way down his back.

After retrieving my consciousness from a trance the magical statue held over me, for how long I did not know. Toki was laying in the tall grass just off the path while Priscilla was sitting on the stone wall of the well washing her feet off with water which he was using from her canteen. I threw myself along side Toki disappearing amidst the grass, losing myself once again to no particular thought at all as I stared up through the gap in the Sequoia canopy to the haze high above, the sun would be set soon and twilight would be upon them.

After short period I began to sit up, for my body ached from the long days trek, as my eyes grew level with the grass I saw up Priscilla standing face to face with Toki on top of the right set of stairs. Steadily I began to stand, bracing myself upon my bow, I turned to face the path which he had come into the vale upon while I unstrapped by cloak from its tied bundle about the bow, which I held between my neck and shoulder as I slung the cloak over my shoulders and sealed it with a bronze broach, which used to be the knocker upon the door to Freya's home. As I turned back I noticed Toki's feet in the grass beside me, quickly filled with panic and fear I looked up to the stone platform before the gates. Priscilla was now sitting upon her knees before...

The statue, it was gone, Priscilla was sitting before the troll that had been the statue! As the fear of a trap set in, the troll turned and as he did so too did Priscilla, a smile drew across her face and she waved at me. Toki was on her feet in a flash, staring at me, eyes wide with shock, it was almost a horrid sight, her pale white skin face which defied the mind's ancient, long past, societal view to redefine beauty, reflected my fear in a most terrifying way.

Her fascinating teal eyes were wide, overly so, so that the white beyond the iris could be seen. A terrifying sight her eyes set amidst her face of hideous features as her skin was pulled back tight against her jaw and cheek bones with tension, this made her lower jaw twin tusks seem more menacing, a threat, to me even! While her fangs seemed as the talons of an eagle. Then all at once the face of terror faded and the Toki was beautiful again. Then she began to chuckle, not in a malicious way, but as if an inside joke had just been had that I was very much oblivious too. Over Toki's shoulder Priscilla and the male troll were laughing as well. As if Toki had sensed my thoughts and fears which she was reflecting externally with her face just to mock my failure to perceive and react to the real scenario about me and not my fears.

'You are in a new world now Jane,' said a calm voice very close to me, but I did not at first register it's personification, 'to be able to adapt is key to surviving for you; not only your body to the situation but also your perception. If you think and take in the world as you once did, so long ago in the age of man which has long since faded from this valley at least, then you will surely fade from think world. Sinking back into old memories, provided that your memory does come back that is. If you are able to find enough of them, then there you will reside in comfort, much like watching yourself in a one way mirror upon the wall. Reliving those memories until you can no longer live in this world, being filled with sorrow you'll eventually simple keel over and be dead. Charles would soon follow you during an unending season of mourning.'

The voice faded off and I was able to register reality as it was before my five senses once again. Toki was looked over her shoulder at Priscilla and the troll whom sat beside them. The voice started again, though this time it seemed more distant, 'Priscilla is two fold lucky you know,' the voice paused as Toki turned back to face me, 'Long ago, before she fell into the bonds of the endless sleep in the steel crab she had been introduced to the pure water. Which changed her through the hundreds of years of slumber, if not longer, Priscilla is no longer a child, her soul is old, even more so than my own. I may be several hundred years old, but she...' the voice trailed off once again, but only for a moment. 'Priscilla has witnessed the entire soul frame of the undead, which we will discuss, you and I, in greater detail after a hearty meal at the tables in the great hall of my city.'

So it was that I came to realize that in this age of the earth I, a human, was an outcast from a long forgotten era and that the Troll, who had been my companion at my side for several days, was not daft or primitive as I had presumed. That Toki had been reserved on purpose, getting to know me without me detecting it, that I had been naive to believe I was somehow superior simply because I was human, and came from a history of technology, thoughts of sophistication were merely selfish justifications of a past I no longer wanted to be associated with. The pale beautiful face which held features both delicate and powerful behind which was a soul imbued with precision awareness and intellect which I didn't even attempted to understand, was standing before me, a troll no less ( I chuckled at the thought of muted species ism, which I knew should be suppressed forever), was more worthy of friendship and trust than I had ever guessed.

'Come along dear, you can discover more magic beyond this small revelation inside,' a voice called out, beautifully soft and comforting to hear, yet twisted with a harsh raspiness which was compensated for by being spoken in a whisper, though it carried clearly to present itself to my ears, though I was more than fifty feet away. It was then that I noticed that I had dropped my bow, I picked it up and the quiver of arrows, which I slung over my back, and walked with great speed to meet my friends before the gates of the great Troll city.

In earnest anticipation of,
Without Charles

Monday, January 23, 2012

Charles & Edgarory A Village in the Mist

It was late in the eve as I entered the village, Edgarory had informed me that we were to dine before an elder was to visit before we retired for the evening. Behind us the sun was setting a deep shade of red as we stepped out from underneath the archway a most enchanting sight before me held my eyes, I was transfixed by what I saw as I stood the Elves moved past me, back to their various tasks before dinner.

The village was nestled in the middle of a Manzanita grove and even at first appearance was much larger than I ever guessed. The labyrinth of twisted branches in the manzanita canopy which was no more than twenty or so feet above our heads kept the village dry, save for where the leaves and branches channeled water down in natural culverts to the gardens below. Much like the forest which surrounded the marsh the canopy kept the village in a constant state of twilight and shadow, the sun only creeping through as tiny shafts of light which seemed to dissolve into darkness before they touched the soil.

Before me the path of red stone went out until it split to encompass the grove in a large rectangle. About the trunk of each of the twelve trees that grew just off set from being side by side, were gardens of vegetables akin to the ones I ate in the past, those being carrots, turnips, peas, tomatoes, cucumber and so on. Whilst in other gardens there were the purple and blue flowers which grew in vines which wrapped themselves about the tree. Still there was a third type of garden which held various berry bushes, from a golden type of raspberry to gigantic strawberries.

The path on either side of the lower terrace grove, for I could see where the pathway lead up to another tier, was a black stone wall about knee high, which also encompassed the gardens around the tree trunks. The wall housed in all the yards of the individual dwellings, each one had a beautiful wood carved archway over the entrance to their personal gardens about their homes. None of the houses looked similar, some were made of the same red stone as the pathway, the same dark wood used on the archways comprised the doors, window frames and roofs of those types of homes, most of which where a single story, small and square while others were two stories tall and crafted from foundation to roof of fallen logs. Others were completely open, built in the fashion of the archway, thin sliding sheets of wood or possibly it was paper, sealed the house off when it was time for silence for sleep.

Edgarory lead me onward down the path, we went right where it split as it made its way around the rectangle of homes and gardens underneath the Manzanita canopy. At the far end of the terrace we made our way up a very large set of red stone stairs, above which was a very intricate and beautiful archway of carved dark wood, to the second tier terrace. In the middle of the staircase I stopped for something far off to my left caught my eye, there upon another tier, a lower terrace, was a blacksmith's shop. As I regarded the black stone building with wooden roof, a fire raging just inside the door in a hearth below the bellows, I heard a hammer beating upon an anvil. Beyond that I saw an old lumber mill which looked to be now used as a barn, that seemed to be where most of the Elves had gone off to as I stopped to take in the villages beauty. Edgarory had told me that there were indeed several farms down on the lower terrace to the East, and the lower terrace in the West were the battlements and a second smithery, to the south was the great hall, which was revered much like a temple, save there was nothing to be worshipped. There everything looked much the same, though this was no rectangle but a very large circle, at the centre of which was a very beautiful well. Above the well two of the same intricate archways had been linked together, under this hung a large pale from a rope which was used only during the dry seasons, which were now getting more rare as the marshes expanded into the desert beyond.

We came to the first house on our left in the circle and went under the archway, through the garden and up to the sliding door. 'This is the house of my kin, Jenovian's,' said Edgarory very softly as if attempting not to heard by her before he had a chance to knock, 'she will have us for dinner and a short period after for cleaning ourselves.' It was at this point that I noticed that Freya was not upon his shoulder...

In all hopes of returning,
Charles with Edgarory

Saturday, January 21, 2012

World's Over Journal XXIII Sun Pathways

Today, urged by Priscilla, the three of us ventured forth to Toki's village in the North, along the mountains in a small vale. Our journey started from the open glade where the sun shown the haze a bright green, which was almost yellow, making the dust particles seem like stars as they slowly fell from high up in the trees down upon us a most beautiful scene amidst the purple and lavender flowers upon the edge of the glade. In the centre of the meadow, of course, was the Obsidian Golem Rock which was warm to the touch as it had been sitting in the sun since it rose above the Western edge of the Ravine. The sun often penetrated deep down into the depths underneath the Redwood canopy and below that the Manzanita labyrinth to touch the forest floor.

In such a magical manner did the sun regularly find elusive path ways to brighten the depths of the valley, it made the days pass amidst a magical glow. Wherever we walked in the forest the sun seemed to follow us or be just ahead of us, yet never upon us directly. On the northern edge of the glade amidst the purple flowers we found a small firm trail of dirt, along each side around, about and above, grew the manzanita labyrinth. We travelled along the pathway for a few hours, we came across two more glades, though naked of a rock at their center, but the trail pushed us around the meadow, never through it.

At the north end of the last meadow we started down a slope, from the top of it we could see a small Brook off in the distance. The underbrush was thicker here than it ever was, down and around the bend we came to the stream. A knotted labyrinth of the magnificent Manzanita tree had formed a bridge for those who wished to pass over the brook. As we passed over the bridge we paused for a moment to look into the stream, the water was clear we could see to the bottom only a few feet below the surface. Amidst the rocks and green plants waving in the current we saw schools of, what looked to be, Trout, and below them, in hiding, were red exoskeleton creatures moving about, much like a lobster. It was odd that we had yet to see any critters upon our journey, though Toki was a hunter and we were none too quiet as we travelled, for we held no desire for secrecy. A beautiful forest in a magical valley, hard to believe this place was once the earth our concrete cities once held our minds captive in.

On the other side of the brook the labyrinth faded away and we began to go up hill again, in the distance we could see the mountain walls, we were getting close. The sun was setting as the forest opened up into a very large meadow before us, and there before us was the mountain hall of the Trolls. Their village is not as you would think, nothing like the native tribes pushed out of existence from our Continent so long ago. No, this was no mere village as Priscilla had translated from Toki, though I only ever heard her whisper into Priscilla's ears.

Before us, more than double an arrow shot from a long bow over an open meadow stood a mighty fortress, built into the side of the mountain. Near to the mountain the path split into two which lead up to the fortress' entrance points. On both sides the stone had been carved into a great round staircase which circled their way in a half crescent up to the main gates. The threshold held a great stone door which was beautiful to behold, for it was covered in the most intricate symbols. before the stone was a heavy set of bars which were covered in tiny spikes.

Above the gate were many windows, all of them black, no light exited out from the citadel of stone. All about the mountain side were spires which made up a great deal of the fortress' defences, all of them had multiple port holes to fire out from. Underneath these and strewn about the mountain side were terraces, which bore houses of timber and brick, built out of the side of the mountain. Before them in the terrace, I was told, were ponds and gardens, which I greatly desired to see.

In earnest anticipation of,
Jane, Priscilla and Toki
Without Charles

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charles & Freya Amidst Angels & Demons

Under the Grey Troll Statue, beyond which still lay the vale of mist, yet it dwindled before my eyes as I stepped between the statues lets to find myself behind the statue. There at my feet a path of large red stones began. The coral red stone stood out like stars in the dark as the island which was home to Edgarory's village was one massive black stone. There I waited for several minutes until villagers started to gather at the top of the pathway under a beautiful auburn archway of carved wood. Despite the landscape being entirely compromised of obsidian rock, as far as I could see along the shoreline of the island to my left and right, there grew a vast labyrinth of Manzanita Trees, though not as tall as those on the mainlands, most of which looked ancient, but there were many which were saplings to be sure. They made the island look much like one great thorn bush. There was little to no shrubbery save for two odd plants; one was a deep sea green which grew no taller than my shins and it had tiny golden and red berries the other was much like a rose save that the flowers were a deep purple and they grew more as a single large bush than a single flower.

From along the ridge of obsidian stone, under the archway and from perches in the labyrinth of trees branches, a dozen or more villagers looked down upon me. Not a single one of them looked alike, apart from being of Elvish descent, having long pointed ears, which stuck out sometimes six inches or more above the tops of their heads. Some were tall and red with white markings while others were shorter, almost young looking as if they were but children, with black skin and red or white markings, though I could not begin to fathom the age of any of them. The landscape of their faces held no signs of age, only their ever changing markings which swam like the tide about their bodies, sometimes only stopping so long as to formulate a new design, which could be as small as thin lines strung together like Japanese Kanji or a scenes taken from the landscape about them as to blend in.

Not even their eyes betrayed their age for those who I deemed to be in their youth had a stern gaze, filled with wisdom and patience; as if waiting for a moment to take up the defence of their village and end me. While those whom were taller which seemed to be of an older generation, at first glance alone, held mirth and joy within the complexion of their face, even in their eyes. Some were golden and much like a cat's, others were shades of green and sideways iris slit like a frog's while others were pitch black, grey or white and often hidden behind their hair, which for the most part was shoulder length or longer. Most of them kept their locks up in a tale or bun, though some let their bangs flow down beside their faces to fall over their eyes at will.

All of them were muscular and each bore a weapon, though their swords were sheathed, while their javelin, pole arms and bows leaned against their sides. For the most part they all wore a long very baggy style of pants, in navy blue, black, white, gray or red, much like a skirt or kilt, the Japanese called them Hakama. Their torso were covered by a light tunic, if by anything at all. Because they were so muscular and their frames held very little body fat it was hard to tell the women and men apart at times, save for those whose masculine or feminine features stood out, nor not all of the women had hips nor did they have very large breasts, even shirtless it was hard to tell at a distance the two sexes apart.

Under the gaze of Angels whom were Elves and Demons whose lineage were known as Daemons I remained silent for several minutes before I heard Edgarory ask those under the archway to part so he could get through. He came forth, but only far enough so that I could hear his voice call out, and so I followed him amongst a throng of his kin, into the village.

In all hopes of returning,
Charles & Freya

Saturday, January 14, 2012

World's Over Journal XXII A Day With the Sun

The garden is coming along fantastically, Toki brought many seedling along with bulbs from the stores at her village, which Priscilla informed me, Toki had obtained permission from the elders to take and that before the week was out the three of us were to go visit the village personally.

A small orchard of sickly looking fruit trees with moss for leaves, which we planted just the other day, are now standing just above my head and beginning to produce the oddest, but most tastie, multi coloured apples. Inside the fence there are several vegetables which now comprise our daily nutrients, they range from two different types of bean, karrots, tomatoes, cabbage and the ugliest looking sweet potatoes you ever saw.

The oddest part of the whole garden experience is that Priscilla takes the most care of the new life growing there, each morning she is up with the dawn and dressed to be out in the yard tending to the garden's daily needs. That may sound normal, but what is odd is that despite being so young she has taken no instruction from either Toki or myself on how to care for the various plants and their needs. She simply knew, somehow, though I have not asked nor do I feel that I need to. She is very respectful, always helping with the chores without question, whether that's preparing a meal or doing the dishes. She has even taken to massaging the sore spots on my weary body at the end of the day as we sit upon the porch together, the three of us.

Last night Toki made the mistake of issuing a small gasp as she stretched her neck while we sat upon the porch. Priscilla was quick to leave her cross legged position in Toki's lap to stand behind her. At first Toki cringed at Priscilla's touch, as if the mere thought of another being touching her disgusted her, but soon she relaxed as Priscilla's magical little fingers worked their magic, which not only soothed the pain in the moment but also relieved the muscles tension for long term benefit! It was rather cute to watch, a little girl in a purple dress, which was her night gown, make a six and a half foot tall troll battle maiden cringe.

In earnest anticipation of,
Without Charles

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charles & Freya Into the Red Marsh

It was quite a marvel to begin learning about the great history of the earth which was hidden from man for so many an age of our history, almost twelve thousand years of occupation by man upon the soil of the earth and all we had to show for it was a polluted atmosphere, countless graveyards and water which was lethal.

The time had come to continue our journey, Edgarory had the notion that I should meet with the tribes angelic leaders and become known amongst the villagers that a friendship might be born. He truly was a very pleasant being, stern of face yet surprisingly swift to smile, especially at Freya who knew his buttons well. She sat upon his shoulder as they looked out into the mist which clung to the marshes like icing upon your favourite cake, as I finished up packing up from breafkast our remaining provisions.

Edgarory lead me, as Freya continued to sit upon his shoulder, down a long fallen log, which was odd it seemed to me though I knew not why at the time, but as recall it now, the tree was like an oak! Not a Redwood or Manzanita tree at all. Down along it's firmly unplanted structure we went out into the mist.

We travelled together in the fog for nearly an hour, for the most part over fallen logs which had been laid down, or so it appeared to me, upon small piles of rocks. Edgarory pointed out that the rocks were set upon the firmest areas of the bog, he also said that agile and nimble people could walk across the bog's unsteady turf with ease. He proved this quiet easily as he leapt off the log out into the tall grass and bounded off into the distance until I could no longer see him.

Since I was no longer staring at Edgarory's back my eyes began to dart this way and that about the marsh as I followed down the thick logs which were barkless and had no moss about them. Here and there where the bog turf was solid enough there were small groves of what appeared to be fruit trees, they were not much taller than I. They were pale and the white bark looked sickly, moss did hang from the trees in the groves instead of leaves under which grew the tall dark bog grass. This place must once have been an lush orchard, but of course no fruit actually grew under the vale of mist.

I stopped and looked back when I got to the end of my latest log, nothing but mist could be seen over my shoulder upon our left, no glimpse of the shoreline, for Edgar described the bog much like a lake, only mist and deep shadow drifted over the bog; though it could be guessed at that at least some of the shadows were the small fruitless trees, while other shadows belong to large creatures. Over my right shoulder it was more obvious that the shadows mingled here and there about the mist were groves of trees, this was mostly true because that is where the majority of the groves had been seen, in fact, now that I recall I hadn't seen a grove to our left this whole journey. With that thought I carried on, stepping onto the next log and off into the shadows.

After a short while I caught up to Edgarory sitting cross legged under a large rock statue made in the likeness of a most foul looking troll, a warrior to be exact for he had many tusks borne forth, armour adorned his thick hide and in his right hand he held a spear aloft over his head in readiness for to launch the dart, in his left hand was a great shield made of skulls, the bottom skull of the triangle was still attacked to a corpse, which dangled there under the rest of the shield.

I stepped off the log and ventured up the slope to great him, as I reached them Edgarory handed me, what he called, an apple. It was divided into thirds, each of a different hue and flavour. The first was violet and tasted much like a blueberry while the second was a fiery orange and tasted much like honey-do and lastly there was a bright green which, much to my surprise, tasted just like an apple. When you mixed the flavours together in a single bite, no matter which two, you achieved a most delightful explosion of excitement within your mouth which lasted quite some time, so long in fact that it makes you want to eat the apple ever so slowly.

Here I was bid to wait by Edgarory, he explained that we had come to the very edge of his village and that before I should be allowed entry, permission would have to be granted by the town's Angelic Counsel. So here I sit, back against the leg of a mighty stone warrior, awaiting the return of my friends.

In all hopes of returning,
Charles & Freya, with Edgarory

Monday, January 9, 2012

World's Over Journal XXI Letter to Charles

Everything is going well back here at the tree house, I've made a few friends that I think you should know about. One of them is Priscilla, whom you know, though something has changed within her, sadly she is no longer the innocent young girl whom stole away aboard Bahumat with her mother, there is a history of years behind her eyes.

She can recall a time upon the earth unknown to man, through the eyes of multiple beings, she has felt their sorrow, pains and what little there ever was of their joys. Upon her back is the most beautiful and intricate tattoo of red dragon like wings, a red tail tattoo there is also too which begins at the base of her spine wrapping its intricate beauty down her left leg to end upon the top of her foot. They are absolutely stunning to look upon, very intricate works beautiful and crafted in the likeness of a dragon. It is most peculiar, but I shall not question it too much at present, but mostly because Priscilla doesn't seem to acknowledge they exist and I wish not to cause her any more emotional distress.

The other friend I've made is a most beautiful pale white troll, her name is Toki. Priscilla seems to be able to speak with her, and I have a feeling she understands me as well, though I have yet hear her talk. She is stern and yet a smile is quick to dance across her face, illuminating her golden eyes while her gorgeous lips bear forth her four tusks and a myriad of fangs. I adore them both! They get along most splendidly, as if they had known one another for an age of the earth. This letter was sent upon the wings of a falcon bidden by Toki and Priscilla, I hope it finds you safe, and you as well Freya!

In earnest anticipation of,
Without Charles

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Charles & Freya Red Blooded History

After my intruduction to Edgarory the three of us sat down around the fire as close friends to eat a small meal, Edgar upon the stump with Freya in perched upon his knee. While we ate Freya told me how there used to be several tribes of elves in the valley and that long ago they had begun departing and heading into the north. Some spoke of a hidden valley of the angels where the elves and their daemon kin may live unhindered as they had done before the coming of man upon the earth.

Out of the seven tribes only two remained though there were a few other villages of other immortal races. In the north along the mountain in a vast cave lay a tribe of beautiful white trolls, who were very closely related to the angels or demons, one of which sat before me. Edgarory was the chosen elf of this century to adventure forth out into the wide world beyond the valley to gather information which would aid the counsel of the most ancient angels of his village in plotting out a future for their tribe. Though his time had not yet come for his adventure to begin, he could often be found out and about the valley, usually with one of the trolls at his side, a good friend of his and an excellent warrior maiden she was, her name was Toki.

The other tribe of angels were high elven, which were pale of skin and looked much like the white trolls, save for the trolls triple hing joint lower legs, much like a ram or cat. This feature the was common amongst trolls, though there were tribes where the gene pool had not been mixed with that of the demons, which I shall describe soon enough, and so their traits were closer linked to the elves, save for their tusks and the jagged bone which stuck out as weapons from under their skin. Trolls as well could be found in various sizes, up to double that of their once elvin kin.

The daemon's closest relatives was the great house of the Edgarory's tribe, they were forever known as blood elves, even though many of them were black or white of skin with opposing transcient moving markings. The daemon were cursed by Michael and Raphael at their departure, behind their backs no doubt, under muted breath. They were but a remnant of evles who had followed Lucifer into the great underdark after the tale of Lilith's death and burial upon the mountain side overlooking Eden on the day of man's first dawn.

In all hopes of returning,
Charles & Freya