Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World's Over Journal Waking

So this is it, here I go.

     Charles suggested I start a journal to keep myself sane as it doesn't look like we'll be venturing out from our steal tomb any time soon. Charles did promise to make the odd entry, mostly for clarification purposes I'm sure. Today is our thirteenth day in the Bahumat, a quadruped tank; which to me looks something like a large well armoured Ghost Crab. When it was new large cannons and antenna stuck covered the tank, but now it sat resting against the largest tree I've ever seen, missing three of it's six legs with only the large right claw cannon remaining.

      Having said that there are so many in here, you get a picture that this crab like tank is by no means small, the Bahumat series is the third generation crab tank able to hold a crew of up to seventeen, bunks, a mess and a washroom with a pleasant sized shower.

     Twelve of us there were in the gray steel belly of Ghost X1 only Charles and myself are awake, the others seem to be in a state of hibernation. We cannot wake them, despite our greatest effort. Don't think that this Crab like tank. The Driver's console had to be operated by three specialized pilots while in combat, one for normal leg movement for travel, he was the pilot in charge while out of combat since he could operate the console solo. The pilot next to him was combat movement and evasive maneuvers while his counterpart was weapons and systems alert.

     Behind them sat the captain in a command chair with many screens and panels which he controlled shields, counter measures and decoys or if need be the whole tank. The whole right side of the tank was an outer shell of a cooling core for the large laser claw cannon. Inside the round cannon core sat three operators, two mechanical engineers and a loader. When the tank was active many screens and lights flashed while stream like tubes of the liquid laser lined the floors from the command chair to the laser cooling core. Behind the captain's command seat there was several feet of storage for weapons and ammunition or anything else the military trained murderers might need in the Last Great War. Can you see where Charles has edited for descriptive support on behalf of my not so technical approach, which is really me not caring about how amazing my husband's tank is or was. Before the world ended or... Was changed.

     Neither of us is sure how the immortal races ended the Great War, known to humanity as the Third World War. I don't understand it all really, I only know that we can't wake people from this state no matter what we try or how hard. Soon we will have to move out from the tank as the two of us don't want to use all the stores between just the two of us...